dedicated to promoting excellent mental health and well being in children, young people and adults

Helping you to take charge of your life by sharing tools to help with personal growth and the development of good mental health.

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Love Based Mental Health Care

We are dedicated to promoting an understanding of the importance of looking after both the body and the mind to achieve total well being for the individual.

We believe that individuals can make small changes that can have a strong impact for both them and their communities and we want to raise awareness and improve the understanding of mental health problems that can occur in communities.

Current mental health discourse refers often to a ‘recovery’ process; we prefer to think in terms of discovery rather than recovery. Following a period of mental distress we are unlikely to return to being the person we were, we emerge as a new, hopefully, improved version at which point we have to discover ourselves again.

To this end SanityCo provides Wellbeing clinics across Hampshire and Bristol offering one to one support, signposting and follow up. We also provide training courses designed to support the development, understanding and improvement of children's, young people's and adult mental health.

Our society is becoming an increasingly difficult place for people to survive in, much of what is termed mental illness today is a result of life difficulty. To improve this situation, we offer a fluid and responsive menu of options that individuals can pick from in order to create their own meaningful journey of discovery back to wellbeing.

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