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Sunday 13th May 2018 15:57:00

"The Cheetah Who Could Not See Very Well" - Reviewed

Hello readers! Today we're sharing some wonderful content. The lovely Lucy-May at Writing with Wolves has very kindly reviewed one of our books, 'The Cheetah Who Could Not See Very Well'! 

The book can be found on our products page alongside our other great reads. 


   I was sent this book, & a bundle of others, by The Sanity Company, to read to the children I work with – they are 2 – 3 years old nursery attendees. I chose this book to read to them first as I felt it was the most appropriate for their age group & they absolutely loved it.
   Upon reading the first page & telling the children that the cheetah in the book couldn’t see very well, one of the children asked me “why can’t he see?” – this showed that this particular child was interested in the story from the very beginning; which was great to see. The children laughed throughout the read & most of the children paid attention throughout – I say most because come on, they’re 2/3!

   When I finished the book I asked the children if they enjoyed the story & most of them nodded their heads or told me “yes” – I then asked the children with higher verbal abilities what they liked about the story;
“I liked the cheetah – I liked that he kept running into things”
“I liked the lion”
“I liked the hippopotamus – he was funny”*
“I thought it was funny too”
   After this the children & I played a game called sleeping bunnies – where the children played the part of the bunnies. After the first round of this game we change the animal to something like crocodiles (snap little crocodiles), dogs (woof little doggies), etc. but on this particular afternoon one of the children asked to be a cheetah so we did run little cheetah, run, run, run – clearly the children really enjoyed this story!



Lucy's original post can be found on her blog,