dedicated to promoting excellent mental health and well being in children and young people

We want to give children and young people tools for life to help in their personal growth and the development of good mental health.

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The Sanity Company

By actively fighting the stigma surrounding mental illness through education we aim to provide additional tools to help people improve their own quality of life and the quality of life of those around them.

To this end The Sanity Company provides books and training courses designed to support the development, understanding and improvement of children's and young people's mental health.

We are dedicated to promoting an understanding of the importance of looking after both the body and the mind to achieve total well being for the individual.

We believe that individuals can make small changes that can have a strong impact for both them and their communities and we want to raise awareness and improve the understanding of mental health problems that can occur in communities.

Our society is becoming an increasingly difficult place for young people to survive in. We hear every day of another young person in trouble. If we can do anything to help the next generation avoid this then our business will have been worthwhile.

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