dedicated to promoting excellent mental health and well being in children, young people and adults

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Wellbeing Clinics

Sessions are held in the Bristol and Portsmouth area

  • One to One Initial Consultation 90mins £60 Concessions £40
  • One to One Mental Health Tune up:
    • 50 mins £40 - Concessions £20
    • 30mins £25 - Concessions £15

Pay it Forward sessions

Book a session for someone you love or just to donate to the community so that someone that cannot afford to pay full rates can access a low cost session. If this is a gift for someone please let us know and we will add a gift card to the receipt.

Private Mental Health Nurse

  • Home based mental health coaching available for short periods - prices on application.
  • Travel support for repatriation of people in distress at home and abroad - £25 per hour for the duration of the journey from departure to return.