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Pandemic Special

SanityCo and Full Effect Fitness

Get yourself physically and mentally ready for these weird times!

This offer runs until the end of March 2021

  • 1 hour personal physical training session
  • 1 hour mental well-being tuneup


Plan your lockdown, come out fitter than you have ever been before!

Build your resilience and find some certainty in these uncertain times.

phone Adam on 07741255755
Email or

Wellbeing Clinics

Sessions are held in the Bristol and Portsmouth area

  • One to One Initial Consultation 90mins £60 Concessions £40
  • One to One Mental Health Tune up:
    • 50 mins £40 - Concessions £20
    • 30mins £25 - Concessions £15

Pay it Forward sessions

Book a session for someone you love or just to donate to the community so that someone that cannot afford to pay full rates can access a low cost session. If this is a gift for someone please let us know and we will add a gift card to the receipt.

Private Mental Health Nurse

  • Home based mental health coaching available for short periods - prices on application.
  • Travel support for repatriation of people in distress at home and abroad - £25 per hour for the duration of the journey from departure to return.