dedicated to promoting excellent mental health and well being in children, young people and adults

Sanity Training is committed to providing the vision and energy that will unlock the potential in you to create a better world for yourself and others.

» Rocking the Status Quo - 1 day

Mental health for the 21st century: a morning to explore diagnosis based information about mental health from a trauma based perspective, plus take part in a discussion based afternoon that really challenges the way mental health services are delivered. Usual format is:

AM - informative workshop

  1. Living with anxiety, Depression - illness or just life?
  2. The self-harm spectrum

PM - Discussion based workshops

  1. What if the MH Diagnostic manuals are wrong?
  2. 'Powered by Personality Disorder' - can that energy be harnessed for good?
  3. Mental Health services - they're not prejudiced right?'

» Mental Illness - dispelling the stigma

Off The Shelf - 10 week training course 2 hours per week, information, discussion and action based training exploring diagnosis based information about mental health from a trauma perspective.

Usual Format:

  1. Introductory session & Stigma in mental health
  2. Depression - part 1
  3. Depression - part 2 & Anxiety - part 1
  4. Anxiety - part 2
  5. Bipolar Disorder
  6. Schizophrenia
  7. Personality Disorder
  8. Self-harm
  9. Substance Misuse
  10. TBA according to group preference, previous group choices have been "The Mental Health Act - beginners guide" and "Maternal Mental Health"
Review course, evaluate and questions.

» Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is everyones business.
This half or full day training provides an overview to the most common issues we will face on a daily basis in managing our mental health. This course is ideal for those working with people with life challenges such as learning difference and physical ill health.

It will help equip you with skills to address mental health issues when they arise.

» Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Have you ever had a colleague approach you in distress and not known what to do or say to help?
This half day course will equip you with basic knowledge and skills to feel more confident in supporting those you work with to manage their mental wellbeing should you need to.

It will also provide an opportunity for you to consider your own mental wellbeing at work and at home.

» Mentally Healthy Workplaces for Managers

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.
This half day course is aimed at people who manage other people.

It will equip you with the knowledge and skills to feel more confident in supporting those who work for you within the company setting. These sessions are tailor made to follow on from the mentally healthy workplace course and can be delivered in the same day.

» Self-Harm

Self-harm is becoming an ever more talked about issue. Is this a sign of serious mental health problems or an expression of distress for a new generation? Is it a new phenomena? Is it attention seeking?

This session aims to increase understanding and awareness and to explore helpful responses. It explores the risks surrounding this issue.

This course is particularly useful for those working with adolescents and people who self-harm.

What we offer.

Short, interactive sessions designed to educate, inform, gently challenge and provoke change.

  • All sessions range in length from one hour with questions as a minimum, to two day workshops, depending on requirements.
  • Sessions are designed for anyone, but would be particularly helpful for: teachers and school nurses with little background in mental health; carers, clergy, parents and students.
  • The sessions can be delivered in schools, community centres, church groups, in fact anywhere a group of interested people are gathered!
  • Sessions can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. If you don't see what you need here then contact us and let us know.
  • Workplace sessions will be bespoke to your environment ensuring that they are relevant to your particular needs. This will involve a visit to the workplace concerned prior to the training.